Design Your Own Plaque or Headstone

There are many websites that allow you to create an online memorial for your loved one. You can enter key details about your loved one, share a photo, name and basic information.

Design Your Own

Design Your Own 2D
Bronze Plaque

You can visit these pages for designing and buying a memorial plaque or a headstone.

You can watch more 3D Headstones and Full Monuments videos here:

What makes the stand out is the ease of generating a real-time 3D view of your memorial, which is very useful when designing a Headstone or a Full Monument.

Design Your Own

Design Your Own 3D
Laser Etched Headstone

Before designing a headstone, it’s important to check your cemetery’s regulations. Most cemeteries require headstones to be made of high-quality bronze or granite, except in areas where all monuments must be made of granite.

You may also need to provide sketches that define the dimensions, material content, and lettering of your headstone before it is approved. To ensure that your headstone meets your cemetery’s regulations, you can contact them for specific guidelines and requirements.

A cemetery plaque is a plate of metal or stone that is attached to a fixture to honor the life of someone who has passed away.

3D visualization of the Bronze Plaque

A cemetery headstone is a grave marker set up at the head of a grave, often bearing details of the person who has died.

3D visualization of the Laser Etched Black Granite Headstone

A cemetery full monument is a type of headstone or memorial that covers the entire grave space and can be made of various materials such as granite, marble, or bronze. It can include a base, a die (the main part of the monument), and a cap (the top part of the monument). The monument can be personalized with inscriptions, designs, and symbols that reflect the life and personality of the deceased.

3D visualization of the Traditional Engraved Full Monument